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Fish On! Fly Fish

Vintage Hammered Copper Mug

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Few pieces will hold as special of a place on your bar as our antique copper mugs, adding an antique, glamorous aesthetic to your home barware collection. These charming, old-fashioned pure copper mugs give the drink an added feeling of elegance and craftsmanship sure to impress guests or simply elevate your own cocktail experience.

In fact, they appear so authentic, any happy hour fanatic becomes a cocktail connoisseur with one in hand or on display. Sipping a traditional Moscow Mule from this unique, vintage-designed copper mug is reminiscent of the famous beverage’s origin back in the early forties, when the concoction of ginger beer and vodka was merely an experiment. 

Though antique, the mugs have never been used before. These mugs are crafted by the Copper Mug Co., and after the mugs are welded and hammered, they are coated with a food-grade lacquer that gives the mugs a worn, vintage finish. They are fully functional and ready to be enjoyed, whether with an original Moscow Mule or the libation of your choice. While these unique mugs aren’t available for bulk ordering, they make for wonderful gifts – especially for collectors.

Our old-fashioned copper mugs are made of 100% pure copper, just like many of our other copper mug styles. Their unique lacquer finish is what truly sets them apart from our other offerings, and while the finish gives the mug a dated appeal, it’s FDA-approved and safe for serving beverages. The mug handles are welded to ensure long-term functionality and to prevent any possible leaking.

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