Sakura UD-Glass Fly Rod Blanks

Sakura UD-Glass Fly Rod Blanks

UD-Glass Rod Fresh and Cheering

“A symphonic rod”

Inspired by cherry blossom (Sakura) unleashes sparkling energy while being reflected and floating on the springtime stream after a long endurance of harsh Winter, the rod is designed for harmony.

This rod acts as a baton between fly fisher and the surrounding nature, like how Sakura trees help humans philosophically and artistically connect the natural elements.

Its action is progressive-parabolic suitable to lead fish in the early Spring with rhythm and taste.

The rod is quite tolerant and capable of conducting any size of fish from small to big one.

Iconic pink may bring you refreshing and calm mind, like what you might feel from the warm sun light and little bit chilly winds of the early Spring, as you grip the rod.


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