Our Founding and Why

We're proud to be fishing's first casual fishy footwear-only brand and a fishing lifestyle apparel "new category pioneer" through our founding in 2021.

There is magic in intersections...a bit like how various currents intersect to provide anglers just the right holding lie to target.

In early 2021, I found such magic through my intersections of passions for fly fishing, business, product design, making things for others to enjoy...and yes...the expressive fun of footwear.

This intersection lead me to found Catchflo, and through an amazing partnership with designer Stewart Forrest, bring our vision and products to life and launch Catchflo in May 2021.

Why does Catchflo exist? Well, anglers also have tons of amazing technical footwear to choose from, but we saw a big gap in the market for fun casual fishy footwear that allows anglers to express their passion off the water. 

So, here we are and we hope you dig, and if you want to get a deeper feel for our story, brand and my background, check out our podcast episode below with Marvin Cash from the The Articulate Fly 🤙

-- Dan Moyers, Catchflo Founder & CEO

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