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Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil Medium Luster

$53.60 USD

The Botanical Polymerized Tung Oils were created to be environmentally and finisher friendly option for a hand rubbed oil finish. The polymerization process remains the same, however the solvent used is our proprietary, all botanical, citrus solvent, DiCitrusol™. This formulation contains no petroleum solvents.

Polymerized Tung Oil is a process to encourage polymerization, or in other words, quicker initial drying. The process includes additional heat treatment and UV additives when combined provides a deep, almost wet look, gorgeous protection against the elements. The Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil takes on few steps more by adding a citrus solvent, derived from orange peels. This solvent is DiCitrusol™.

The Botanical Polymerized Tung Oils are offered in Low Lustre, Medium Lustre and High Lustre.

Medium Lustre is the best choice when your goal is to create a semi-gloss sheen. The higher percentage of Tung Oil fills the pore quicker and builds more sheen with the same amount of coats as the Low Lustre, typically four on most wood species. The higher concentration of oil in the product also offers more protection.

Product Stats

Solid: Polymerized Tung Oil
Solvent: DiCitrusol™ (Citrus based solvent)
Average Finish Longevity: 5 years
Spot Repairable: Yes
Sheen: Medium
Coverage: (per gallon)
Coat 1= 600sqf 
Coat 2= 800sqf 
Coat 3= 1,000sqf 
Coat 4= 1,000sqf
Dry Time: 12-24 hours per coat. 


  • wood species

  • applications method-weather conditions 55-75ºF

  • temperature change during curing process

  • humidity 65% or less

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