Copper Libations

Our standard custom copper mug or Moscow Mule Mug on our site is genuine REAL COPPER MUGS, handcrafted from solid copper. A thin layer of food-safe lacquer on the outside of the mug to protect it’s shine longer.

Real copper does tarnish over time. Some love the beauty that comes with the age and natural patina of copper. If not, the mugs can be shined to look the way they did the day you bought them!

Cleaning is simple. Hand Wash only with warm soap, water, and a soft sponge/cloth. We recommend thoroughly drying your pieces after use as excess moisture can cause the pieces to tarnish faster.

If you wish to polish your mugs, there are many copper polishing solutions available on the market or at your local store. Many cleaning methods are available online for cleaning copper and basic care instructions are on the box!