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Fish On! Custom Rods is a family owned business in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our four boys were, and are, all about the outdoors and fly fishing was a family favorite. We got our start building fly rods out of necessity when we would take friends and family to the river. We needed several fly rods and building our own rods just made sense.

That’s where it all started! Fish On! Custom Rods specializes in hand crafted fly rods using the highest quality materials and components available. One feature of each fly rod is the hand turned reel seat made from stabilized wood. The art of creating wood and acrylic products for home and office soon evolved.


Fish On! Custom Rods has created one of a kind pens, bottle stops, coasters, and serving and charcuterie trays. Each one is hand made and unique. We have partnered with other companies to sell hand made products to compliment our own hand made favorites. Not necessarily just any company, but family owned companies. 

 It is the craftsmanship of products from artisans that resonate with the celebration of Fish On!