Our Direct Partners

Fish On! Custom Rods is excited to partner with the following artisans:

Snake Brand Guides: Full Line Retailer. Simply the best. Mr. McCoy and his team provide the best products and services in the industry.

Rustico Leathers: A family of artists designing and creating fine, handmade leather goods. Rustico began when Isaac Childs and a few friends picked a journey to live authentic by designing true-to-yourself accessories through American artisanship. And we're still trekkin' it, encouraging the individual to step outside and reach within, to explore and to create.

Thomas & Thomas Rodmakers: fly fishing rods are handmade in the USA since 1969. Their world-class freshwater and saltwater rods are the rods you will eventually own.

Clear Creek Fishing Gear: Chances are if you are reading this you’ve got a fly rod and you are looking for a case or tube to protect it.  Worry not, you’ve come to the right place and we have you covered. 

Clear Creek is the World’s leading producer of fly rod tube/cases.  And we got that title by producing the finest quality cases for over 20 years for everyone from custom fly rod builders, fly shop owners/dealers all the way to today’s largest rod manufacturer’s like Scott, Winston, St. Croix, G.loomis, and major retailers such as Bass Pro and Cabela’s.  It’s no accident all of the top rod makers, both large and small, choose Clear Creek Gear for all of their fishing and fly-fishing needs.  

Clear Creek continuously refines its processes to ensure a its quality products year after year.  Materials like top quality 1200 denier-Industry Standard is 1000 denier- water-resistant cordura, powder coated aluminum and high-grade crush proof lined PVC cores.

CTS Fly Rods to a fly fisher, these rods become magical over the water.

CTS blanks are manufactured entirely from non-wove fiber. A single helical spiral is at the core of each carbon blank. This type of structure is regarded as the most effective way to maintain cross section stability while bending. By contrast, woven based blanks exhibit large amounts of fiber crimping that results in markedly reduced loading potential.

Perfect-Stripping Guides The company Perfect is a Poland and at the moment the only one company in Europe, specializing in manufacturing of agate guides.

Sutherland Welles Ltd.®
It began in 1967

Long before it was politically correct or even trendy to be “green”, Frank Sutherland Welles founded a company formulating with a 100% pure Tung oil product. Frank’s commitment to providing wood with a nourishing, renewing treatment and working with a natural product was visionary. It has been the foundation of our business that has produced beautiful wood in homes, businesses and public spaces for over four decades! The legacy of sustainable products, formulated with as low toxicity as possible, has been at the core of our corporate values and vision and will remain so.

It’s not a floor until it’s finished

Our Green Process

Sustainably Grown Raw Tung Oil:
We wish we could say that it could be grown here in Vermont, but the truth is we can’t even grow it in the United States. Our raw Tung Oil is shipped in from China believing their products to be superior to those grown in South America.

Inbound & Outbound Shipments:
Tung Oil, solvent, boxes, and cans are coordinated by the Sutherland Welles team to minimize the carbon impact.

We purchase our cans from a company that uses recycled metal, which means less metal in the landfill.

Recycled & Reused Shipping & Handling:
Our cardboard boxes and bubble wrap are made from partially recycled materials. We use biodegradable packing peanuts.