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Our Direct Brands

Fish On! Custom Rods is excited to partner with the following artisans:

Rustico Leathers: A family of artists designing and creating fine, handmade leather goods. Rustico began when Isaac Childs and a few friends picked a journey to live authentic by designing true-to-yourself accessories through American artisanship. And we're still trekkin' it, encouraging the individual to step outside and reach within, to explore and to create.

Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods' fly fishing rods are handmade in the USA since 1969. Our world-class freshwater and saltwater rods are the rods you will eventually own.

Livingston Rod Company is a boutique manufacturer of made-in-Montana graphite and fiberglass fly rods, hand-built, one at a time. They set out to design distinct lines of fly rods suited streams of all types, cold water and warm water. Since their inception, this is exactly what we have achieved, believing the feel of the rod and how it presents your fly is the cornerstone of fly rod design. All of their fly rods have received extensive testing in the environments they were designed for. Their philosophy is to provide the angler with an heirloom quality fly rod you will cherish for a lifetime.

CTS Fly Rods to many a fisherman, and woman, their fly rod Becomes a magic wand. However, there’s a lot of science and technology behind that magic.          

For a start, CTS blanks are manufactured entirely from non-woven fibre. A single helical spiral is at the core of each carbon fibre blank. This type of structure is regarded as the most effective way to maintain cross section stability while bending. By contrast, woven based blanks exhibit large amounts of fibre crimping that results in markedly reduced loading potential.

In fact, every CTS blank has a number of unique engineering features. All designs are computer generated and feedback from one design is used to improve the next. That’s how most CTS blanks undergo around 3 to 5 design improvements every year.

Furthermore, the company invests heavily in its design and production tools with much of the in-house machinery being custom built in order to cater for the ever-increasing demand for stronger, lighter and more highly refined rods.

Perfect-Stripping Guides The company Perfect is a Poland and at the moment the only one company in Europe, specializing in manufacturing of agate guides.

Our stripping and tip top guides compliment the most discretionary rod builder and client. Guides are hand crafted from natural agate rings and "nickel silver", entirely soldered (actually brazed) with use of hard silver solder. Agate guides Perfect are of the highest quality workmanship.